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In order to fulfill the purpose of the Department of Women's Ministries, eight objectives have been identified by which the women in the Church may be empowered to share the good news within their families, among their fellow believers, and in ever expanding circles in the unsaved world.

1. Elevate women as persons of inestimable worth by virtue of their creation and redemption.

2. Enable women to deepen their faith and to experience spiritual growth and renewal.

3. Underscore the broad spectrum of needs and concerns of women across the life span from multicultural and multi-ethnic perspectives.

4. Liaison and cooperate with other specialized departments of the church to meet the needs of women.

5. Build networks among women in the World Church that encourage bonds of friendship, mutual support, and creative exchange of ideas and information.

6. Mentor and encourage young Adventist women, creating paths for their involvement in the Church as they reach for their full potential in Christ.

7. Bring women's unique perspectives on issues facing the Church to decision making bodies.

8. Seek expanding avenues of dynamic Christian service for women, challenging each Adventist woman to use her gifts to complement the talents of others as they work side by side to further the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Departmental Responsibilities

1. Assist divisions in achieving their objectives for the women in their constituency.

2. Advise and counsel divisions in the structure, organization, and direction of Women's Ministries.

3. Provide leadership training seminars and workshops for Women's Ministries personnel at the division level and, by division request to union personnel.

4. Develop manuals, training materials, and other program resource materials, in cooperation with the divisions, to meet the multicultural and multiethnic needs of women worldwide.

5. Heighten awareness of the talents and resources that women bring to the Church.

6. Assist women in identifying their spiritual gifts and inspire them to cultivate these gifts for use in the Church's global mission.

7. Promote spiritual growth among women in the World Church.

8. Reclaim women who have left the fellowship of the Church.

9. Assist in developing strategies that increase opportunities to win back children who no longer walk in the faith of Jesus.

10. Affirm women who serve the Church as laypersons, denominational employees, and in the ministry .

11. Promote education, spiritual growth, and bonding among young women in the Church.

12. Encourage Christian education for young women by providing scholarships through the division Department of Women's Ministries, as funds permit.

13. Identify opportunities for service and leadership in the Church.

14. Heighten awareness regarding the inclusion of women's perspectives in the decision- making process of the World Church (boards, committees, etc.).

15. Establish and maintain a close liaison with church leaders and administrators through frequent consultation.

16. Facilitate the building of networks among women in the world Church to encourage bonds of friendship and mutual support, and to encourage the creative exchange of ideas and information.

17. Encourage Seventh-day Adventist authors and editors to write on subjects that minister to women and to encourage women authors.

18. Maintain a statistical database in order to determine trends and give direction to the work of the department.

19. Recommend policy relative to Women's Ministries.