Dr. Goulding Appointed New Health Ministries Associate
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Photo:L-R Pastor Ruben Merino current Health Ministries Director along with Dr. Goulding at his dedication ceremony.

Dr. Goulding Appointed New Health Ministries Associate


The Greater New York Conference has a new position filled.  Its Executive Committee has recently appointed Herbert E. Goulding II, MD., as Associate Health Ministries Director.

Over the years , through his Right Arm Ministries programs, Dr. Goulding has proven his unique Spirit-led ability to open hearts and lead people to a better quality of health and Christian service by effectively presenting, preaching, and teaching the Three Angels health message in our churches.

Dr. Goulding was installed in his position this past June 6 during a celebration of consecration and dedication at the Newburgh Seventh-day Adventist Church. Speakers at this presentation were :

Pastor Billwayne A. Jamel      (Introductory Remarks)
Pastor Ruben Merino              (Announcement of Appointment)
Pastor Courtney Golding        (Litany of Commitment)

Dr. Goulding and his family responded to the appointment by pledge, promise, and plan. They hope and pray, by God's grace , to provide the best leadership to support, encourage, and assist in the execution of these duties.

You may contact our new Associate Health Ministries Director by calling or writing to GNYC Adventist Community Health Services.

By By Ruben Merino
Health Ministries Director - GNYC