2 AUC Ministers author and edit a book
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Atlantic Union Conference Ministers author and edit a book

Nikolaus Satelmajer holds new book on Pastoral Ministry
Photo:  Rohann Wellington

Two current ministers in Atlantic Union Conference and a former minister from Atlantic Union Conference have authored and edited a major book entitled, A Guide to Effective Pastoral Ministry. Steve Cassimy, ministerial secretary of the Greater New York Conference, and Abraham Jules, senior pastor of the Mt. Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with a former pastor from Atlantic Union Conference, Nikolaus Satelmajer, currently editor of Ministry, International Journal for Pastors, edited and contributed major chapters to this book with emphasis on pastoral ministry.

This project started several years ago by the three individuals who met on a number of occasions, both in New York City and at the General Conference, with the goal of issuing a book that would address the various topics of interest to pastors around the world. The book was authored by 22 individuals from various ministry backgrounds and represents different segments of the world. This book is one of the major books on pastoral ministry that has been issued by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Dr. A. Jules and Pastor Trever Baker being presented with a copy of the book, Pastoral Ministry.

Special presentations were made to Pastors Cassimy and Jules of the Atlantic Union Conference. At the Northeastern Conference Camp meeting James A. Cress, General Conference Ministerial Secretary, and Nikolaus Satelmajer presented copies of the book to Abraham Jules and conference president, Trevor H. C. Baker. On another occasion, Nikolaus Satelmajer presented a special copy of the book to Steve Cassimy and conference president, Richard Marker, at the United camp meeting of the Greater New York Conference.

Dr. Steve Cassimy and Dr. Richard Marker listens on as
Nikolaus Satelmajer makes a formal presentation of the book.

While the book is primarily written for pastors, other church leaders may find it helpful in their ministry and can obtain copies of it at the nearest Adventist Book Center.