Oakview Preparatory School Burns Mortgage
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The Oakview Preparatory School Mortgage Burning was both an occasion for celebration and thanksgiving. It was celebrated with pride and humility. Proud of our accomplishments yet humbled because everyone recognized that this milestone was not achieved through the many talents or abilities of its trailblazers past or present but by God’s leading.

This historic evening’s program started with the invigorating, pulsating sounds of the Greater New York Conference Bronx Area Pathfinder Drum Corps. The School Board Chairperson, Mrs. Yvonne Sheridan warmly welcomed everyone. Greetings were given by the Secretary of the Greater New York Conference, Dr. Earl Knight on behalf of the administration. Congratulatory messages came from dignitaries of the Atlantic Union Conference, Mrs. Astrid Thomassian, Superintendent of Schools and her husband, Pastor Leon Thomassian, treasurer of the Union, who was also the speaker for the evening. His emphasis was that students of our schools should also be students of the Kingdom of God. Dr. Henry Saturne, past Superintendent of the Greater New York Conference, presently Vice President of Student Affairs at Atlantic Union College, and Mr. David Cadavero, Superintendent of Schools for the Greater New York Conference also spoke respectively.

The event was honored by the presence of the pioneers of the school, who gave of their time, talents and financial support to help the school realize the dream they had for it. These noble visionaries were victorious in fixing the many physical challenges the building had before it was habitable. They have traversed through dappled sunlight, drizzling rain, and drifting snowflakes to committee meetings and various planning sessions. The goals they envisioned were only accomplished through the eyes of faith in a God who never fails His children.

Mrs. Dorrette Anderson, the mastermind, the hub and energy behind the Bronx- Westchester Education Committee (BWEC) gave a brief but profound history of the miraculous ways in which God has led them. The Principal, Mr. J. Eric Imbert brought us up-to-date with the progress of the school and its future projections. The students, both past and present, inspired us with music and singing, showing the fruits of our labor while reminding us of why we are to remain dedicated to the cause of educating our children.

Mrs Dorrette Anderson receives a plague

It was obvious to all that God has led us thus far and will continue to do so in the future. To God be the glory, great things He hath done. Praise His Holy name.

Sheila Allen
Vice Principal
Oakview Preparatory School

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