Multi-Ethnic Ministries


    Winter Warmup Part 1:

    Watch the video above in order to:

    • Learn how your church fits in the Greater New York Conference
    • Meet the new M-E director, other pastors, and fellow church members
    • Build relationships while learning how church organization works
    • Play a role in creating the future for Multi-Ethnic Ministries


    Winter Warmup Part 2:

    Watch the video above in order to:

    • Recap of Multi-Ethnic Ministries’ Identity and Goals
    • Pastors’ Role: Theory and Reality
    • Characteristics of Healthy Churches and Members
    • Developing Vision and Mission Statements

    Pastor Steven Siciliano
    Multi-Ethnic Director
    516-627-9350 Ext 141



    Sandy Salas
    Administrative Assistant



    “The Playbook” for Multi-Ethnic Ministries Theological Foundation:


    Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the messiah and savior predicted in the Old Testament, who redeemed humankind and inaugurated God’s righteous rule over creation. All who believe in and align with Him are the people of God, called to preach the gospel and to live and promote kingdom values until Jesus returns.




    Our message is theocentric. Our message leads to the making of disciples. Our message is transformative in the life of a believer. Our message fosters unity in community and holistic restoration of nature and society. Our message is Good News!


    1. Why does Multi-Ethnic Ministries exist? (Our Purpose)

    To extend God’s kingdom among New Yorkers of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, helping them to live in loving relationship to God and each other.


    2. What does Multi-Ethnic Ministries do? (Our Mission)

    We provide ministerial support and facilitate outreach to the multi-ethnic churches and communities of the Greater New York Conference territory.


    3. How will we succeed? (Our Strategy – These 3 anchors provide clarity and enable us to avoid distractions that may set us off our strategic course)


    A. We will design high impact ministries that effectively communicate the gospel to local communities.

    B. We will promote and facilitate discipleship among our churches.

    C. We will provide support to empower and equip our leaders.


    Pastoral Cohorts



    Tony Mazzella

    Victor Dyman

    Conrad White (also in English Min)


    Todd Stout

    Michelle Odinma

    Tito Charneco

    Bogdan Filip (Lay)


    Andri Dyman

    Sampson Appiah-Kubi


    Westchester & The Bronx:

    Steve Cassimy

    Billy Jamel
    Wayne Jamel

    Emmanuel Osei

    Okezie Erondu

    Joseph Sarkodie

    Paulo Bechara

    Conrod White



    Emanoil Kumanov (Lay)

    Rodolfo Bautista 

    Samuel Masih

    John Lee

    Bogdon Platon

    Long Island:

    James Mangum

    Eusebio Smordoni

    Jason Thomas





    STEVEN SICILIANO -  is a native New Yorker who, at age nineteen, had a life-changing encounter with God while hiking in the Hudson Valley. Two years later he joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church and, ever since, has either worked in outreach ministry or studied for mission and ministry in places as diverse as the California state park system; the San Francisco Bay Area; Bangkok, Thailand; and Metro New York. He has a BA degree from Weimar College with a double-major in health and religion, an MDiv from Andrews University, and an MA in Community Health Education from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York.

    “Pastor S,” as his members call him, has been working in the Greater New York Conference since June, 2003. He is married to Maria Elena Tablante Godoy, a renal dietitian-manager at the NYU Langone dialysis center in Mineola, New York.


    ANTHONY MAZZELLA - Served as a Bible Worker, Teacher, Pastor and Counselor all in the Greater NY Conference since June of 1984. Pastor Mazzella is a native New Yorker who was born in the Bronx and has served in various multiethnic churches in 3 of the 5 boroughs, Westchester and Upstate. He is married to Beverly since 1981 and has two adult children and 7 grandchildren. He loves singing and playing guitar.  His undergraduate degree are in Music and Religion. In addition, he has one Masters from Andrews in Theology and Secondary Education. His other Masters degree is in Clinical Social Work from Yeshiva University. Pastor Mazzella loves helping people grow into the best version of themselves.






    MICHELLE ODINMA - is the Associate Pastor at Church of the Advent Hope, located in Manhattan. With a background in education, she lives her passion for Jesus through teaching, preaching, and singing. She’s persuaded that there can never be a dull moment in life when you’re surrounded by good food, good music, and good people.

    RODOLFO A. BAUTISTA, JR. - is a third generation minister and grandson of one of Philippine Adventist Pioneer pastors--the Roda brothers. His father and brother are also pastors. Jun is married to a dentist and have 3 children.  His training includes public health, government relations, communication management, leadership& organization, chaplaincy, interfaith relations, ux design for social impact, Proj Management, and law.

    Pastor Bautista served the church since 1995 as ADRA-ACS Project Manager, a college administrator (director for student services), Bible and values education professor for both Adventist and government colleges, church and district pastor, urban church planter, international evangelist, government chaplain and consultant, conference Legal Affairs Director and PARL Director.  His ministry motto is "broken and spilled out". 


    SAMUEL MASIH - Tenaciously working since 40 years in the Southern Asian Community for our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ

    WAYNE JAMEL - A born and raised New Yorker. He is a pastor, Associate Communications Director, Comic Book Creator, Podcaster, Husband, and most importantly, he is someone who enjoys his relationship with Christ.


    VICTOR DYMAN - Born in Ukraine. P.K. Married to the love of my life. Two sons and two daughters.B.Th. M.A. in Religion. M.Div. D.Min. Bible worker, Pastor in Southern Ukraine. Pastor, District Pastor, Practical Theology Instructor, Dean of the School of Theology, in Russia. Pastor in Michigan and GNY Conferences, US.

         PAOLA BECHAR - It has been a privilege and an honor to have pastored churches in Brazil, to have served as an administrator in Senegal, West Africa and to have ministered in California and now in Multi-ethnic ministries in New York. Selma and I have been married for almost 37 Years. Our adult children live in California.


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