Multi-Ethnic Ministries



Pastor Bledi Leno 
Multi-Ethnic Director

516-627-9350 Ext 141



Sandy Salas
Administrative Assistant



“The Playbook” for Multi-Ethnic Ministries Theological Foundation:


Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the messiah and savior predicted in the Old Testament, who redeemed humankind and inaugurated God’s righteous rule over creation. All who believe in and align with Him are the people of God, called to preach the gospel and to live and promote kingdom values until Jesus returns.




Our message is theocentric. Our message leads to the making of disciples. Our message is transformative in the life of a believer. Our message fosters unity in community and holistic restoration of nature and society. Our message is Good News!


1. Why does Multi-Ethnic Ministries exist? (Our Purpose)

To extend God’s kingdom among New Yorkers of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, helping them to live in loving relationship to God and each other.


2. What does Multi-Ethnic Ministries do? (Our Mission)

We provide ministerial support and facilitate outreach to the multi-ethnic churches and communities of the Greater New York Conference territory.


3. How will we succeed? (Our Strategy – These 3 anchors provide clarity and enable us to avoid distractions that may set us off our strategic course)


A. We will design high impact ministries that effectively communicate the gospel to local communities.

B. We will promote and facilitate discipleship among our churches.

C. We will provide support to empower and equip our leaders.


Pastoral Cohorts



1. Tony Mazzella

2. Victor Dyman

3. Conrad White (also in English Min)


13. Todd Stout

14. Tito Charneco

15. Bogdan Filip (Lay)


22. Andri Dyman

23. Sampson Appiah-Kubi


Westchester & The Bronx:

4. Steve Cassimy

5. Bill Wayne Jamel
7. José Zacarias (Lay)

6. Wayne Jamel

8. Daniel Zabaleta

9. Nazih Yacoub

10. Emmanuel Osei

11. Okezie Erondu

12. Joseph Sarkodie



16. Emanoil Kumanov (Lay)

17. Steve Siciliano

18. Rodolfo Bautista 

19. Samuel Masih

20. John Lee

21. Bogdon Platon

Long Island:

24. Michael Mirra

25. James Mangum

26. Eusebio Smordoni


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