Sabbath School Ministries



Pastor Bancroft Daughma

Sabbath School Director


(914) 484-1292-Ext 143



Geodaly Augustin

Administrative Assistant 


(516) 627-9350-Ext: 138

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates a weekly Bible study for all age groups in almost every church around the world. The Sabbath School program is a Bible-based study approximately 60 minutes long which nurtures spiritual growth in members and visitors who join in this time of study, fellowship, and outreach. 

The Sabbath School Department provides support to the churches in the Greater New York Conference to enhance their programs and training of Sabbath School teachers. Sabbath School is not just an event, but the agency through which a lifelong Spiritual Foundation is developed, resulting in a dynamic Christian living and disciplining of others.

Making Sabbath School an agency for Spiritual Learning, Bible Study, and Evangelism.

Every church having innovative Action Units/Small Groups for personal Faith growth and development and as infrastructure for evangelism and disciplining.

Strategic Goals

  • To ensure all churches are equipped through training and resources to realize the mission of the Sabbath School.
  • To reimagine and revive the Sabbath School as the heart of the Church for religious education 
  • To grow the Sabbath School through innovation 
  • To be intentional in developing and mentoring young adults, youth and children in becoming strong Christians.


  • To inspire love and commitment to Christ and a dynamic Christian lifestyle
  • To deepen knowledge of Scripture and be firmly grounded in its teachings
  • To enrich fellowship and strengthening of the Faith Community
  • To encourage Total Involvement in mission