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The Mighty Movement GNYC. 100 New Churches by 2020.

Planting 100 new churches in 5 years is something that has never been accomplished in the NAD. To achieve such a courageous goal, the GNYC must lean fully on God's Spirit and make church planting part of its core DNA. Learders must inspire the workers and lity to accept God's vision of planting to help reach His lost children.

Churches muts see God's design in parenting new churches as the priesthood of all beleivers is reemphasize by identifying, equipping and encoraging gifted lay members to start new congregations! Pastors will need encouragement and direction. And all these must be done prayerfully, strategically, and intentionally.

Click on the following resources below for a better understanding of Project 100: the church planting project of GNYC.













Dr. Bianel Lara
Personal Ministry & Church Planting Director


516-627-9350 Ext: 143



Geodaly Augustin
Administrative Assistant
(516) 467-5215

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